MBI’s PhD training program in mechanobiology

MBI’s PhD training program in mechanobiology brings together internationally renowned scholars to the Mechanobiology Institute in Singapore. Many principal investigators hold senior professorships in internationally prestigious institutes such as MIT, Columbia, Weizmann Institute of Science, UC Berkeley, Universities of Paris & CNRS, Illinois, Toronto, Stony Brook, NUS and NTU.
Mechanobiology as you know is a quantitative and interdisciplinary approach to understanding biological functions. Physical, geometrical and mechanical events are not just side effects of biochemistry, but are themselves important triggers and regulators of processes such as cancer metastasis and stem cell differentiation. At MBI we dissect complex behaviors into smaller processes or functional modules. We describe each step within a process using both quantifiable chemical reactions and physical descriptors. From these parameters we build computational models to extract proper representations of how each process works. In this manner we can organize modular processes into a mechanistic understanding of their emerging properties and complex phenotypes.
The attached document has more detailed information about our graduate program. We will be very happy if you can forward this document to all the students who may be interested in the PhD program at MBI.
Thời gian : 13h00 ngày 30/10
Địa điểm : phòng 01 tầng 16 nhà A9, ĐH Phenikka
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